LEMAH - Coklat Lurik Batik Shawl

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Thin cotton shawl for an airy and breathier feel. Unisex.

  • Material: Cotton 
  • Technique: Hand drawn and hand stamp Batik (each piece is unique as the Batik is done by hand)
  • Dyes: Synthetic colours (the colours might look uneven as the dyes are applied by hand)


  • Bahan: Katun 
  • Teknik: Kombinasi Batik cap dan tulis (setiap pakaian unik karena Batik dibuat dengan tangan)
  • Pewarna: Warna sintetis (Warna mungkin terlihat tidak rata karena dicelup satu persatu)


Size ranges from L160-165 cm x W112-115 cm

As this piece is handmade, each of them will vary in size.