Our Story


From time immemorial, humankind has turned its gaze to the sky and the oceans in awe. And for hundreds of thousands of years, the color blue and its infinitely rich nuances remained confined to our eyes as an intangible illusion unable to journey back from our minds and hearts to the world. 

But then, more than 4000 years ago, a serendipitous day came and we learned how to extract the color so many dreams were built upon, from Indigofera plants. 

A rather long and complicated process that requires fermentation, alkalization and oxidation to bring to life the color on dyed fabrics. A far more complex process than the one required for other natural colors. And rightly so, reproducing the unfathomable beauty of the ocean should never be an easy endeavor. 


Deya Product & Design, as legions of poets, painters and composers before, is not impervious either to the spell casted by Indigo and the unbounded creativity that inspires. Drawing from the old and beautiful tradition of Batik making in Solo (Central Java), the indigo dyeing process and always infusing in all its products a contemporary look of the world, Biru Beeru is born. 

The Godhong (leaf in Javanese) collection uses exclusively natural dyes that are either applied alone or mixed and combined, from several different colors, creating unexpected chromatic spectacles.

 The Lemah (Soil in Javanese) collection mostly uses synthetic mineral dyes that can be combined with natural dyes resulting in more vibrant and homogenous patterns. Both collections are made from cotton, linen and hand-woven silk or a combination of these natural materials.

 In addition to the traditional Indigo blue from Indigofera, brown and yellow from Teger and Tingi wood, red from Moringa expect to find in Biru Beeru products less traditional natural dyes like teak leaves, secang wood and mangosteen among many others. 

All Biru Beeru products are made in-house at the Deya workshop in Solo, Central Java.