Kain Bata Solo (Blue & Yellow)

  • Rp 7.000.000,00
Tax included.

Built brick by brick, this elaborated piece, created following the Shibori technique, requires more than 100 hours of hand-stitching and over ten days of dyeing under the watchful eyes of our artisans in Solo.

It takes time and mastery to reach Akasha but once you are there, you will feel above the clouds.

  • Material: 100% Silk
  • Technique: Full Shibori/ stitch & dye (each piece is unique as the stitching is done by hand)
  • Dyes: Synthetic mineral dyes (the colours might look uneven as the dyes are applied by hand)


  • Bahan: 100% Sutra
  • Teknik: Tritik (setiap pakaian unik karena jahitannya dibuat dengan tangan)
  • Pewarna: pewarna sintetis (warna mungkin terlihat tidak rata karena dicelup satu persatu)


    L213 cm x  W111.5 cm

    As this piece is handmade, each of them will slightly vary in size and in color.